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We bring decades of client and agency experience to the table, providing a unique perspective and approach to our core areas of focus: marketing consulting services, marketing research, and agency search; all committed to adding impact to the output of our clients' marketing efforts.



Marketing Consulting Services

PinSeeker Consulting has a history of developing powerfully differentiating brand positions that build brands, deepen customer relationships, and deliver marketing ROI. We provide a range of marketing consulting services including:

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand visioning workshops

  • Strategic planning

  • Marketing plan development

  • Category insight/white papers


For more information on PinSeeker's marketing consulting services click here or call 617-285-1146.

Brand Positioning Development

Things change. Your competitive set expands, new technologies emerge, and the needs of your audience evolve. The brand positioning and supporting strategies that made your brand what it is today may not be best suited to lead your brand into the future. PinSeeker Consulting helps guide client organizations towards that new open space. Using a 360-degree approach called PinPoint, PinSeeker synthesizes insights from your brand stakeholders and perceptions from your internal/external audiences to deliver a positioning recommendation that is grounded in audience intelligence and data. For more information on PinSeeker's PinPoint brand positioning platform click here or call 617-285-1146.

Brand Visioning Workshops

PinSeeker’s Brand Visioning Workshop helps client organizations crystalize their vision for the brand’s future creating alignment among team members and a pathway to that vision. For more information on PinSeeker's Brand Visioning Workshop click here or call 617-285-1146.

Marketing Workshops/Training Sessions

PinSeeker offers a range of marketing workshops and training sessions that improve internal/external communications and bring new focus to strategy among client marketing teams. A sampling of topics include:

  • How to write a killer creative brief

  • Branding 100: Why do brands matter? 

  • Branding 200:  Messaging prioritization

  • What clients need from their agencies & what agencies need from their clients

  • “How do you like my kids?” Managing and delivering creative feedback

For more information on PinSeeker's marketing workshops and training sessions click here or call 617-285-1146.

Brand Tracking Studies

PinSeeker Consulting's proprietary brand tracking study goes beyond the traditional brand health measures of brand perception, advertising recall, purchase intent, and referral rating, and includes a messaging prioritization component and website performance overlay that redefine the value that brand trackers bring to the marketing planning table. For more information on PinSeeker's PinTracker brand tracking study click here or call 617-285-1146. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

Ongoing new trial is key to any brand’s success. However, if your customer experiences are not in alignment with your brand's promise, then your fishing net has a hole in it. PinSeeker Consulting's customer satisfaction survey identifies areas where your customer experience is reinforcing your brand promise and where it is not. This valuable tool serves a range of business categories including manufacturing, retail, clinical healthcare, and professional services. For more information on PinSeeker's customer satisfaction surveys click here or call 617-285-1146.

Other Research Offerings

PinSeeker Consulting offers a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research solutions - built on the idea that each research engagement is, first and foremost, a learning opportunity to bring you closer to your customers. These solutions include - and are not limited to:

  • In Depth Interviews (IDIs)  - Providing deep insights into audience attitudes, motivations, and perceptions in a personal environment

  • Offline/Online Focus Groups - Capturing points of view and clarification quickly and efficiently

  • Concept Testing - Validating the market potential of an idea and determining its highest potential customer segments

  • Copy Testing - Pre-testing copy to ensure that the target audience infers the intended message

  • Customer Intercepts - Connecting with customers and/or the target audience in a relevant external environment instead of focus group conference room

  • Shop-Alongs - Because the target audience doesn't always do what they say they do

  • Omnibus/Trade Surveys - Providing quantitative data on shifting category and demographic dynamics as well as evolving audience attitudes and behaviors

  • Mystery Shopper Programs - Measuring associate performance and customer experiences at the point of sale or service, encompassing client and/or competitor locations

For more information on PinSeeker's other research offerings click here or call 617-285-1146.

Agency Search and Selection


PinSeeker Consulting removes the subjectivity and guesswork associated with agency reviews by starting with a universe of prospective agencies that are prescreened based on each client's unique business needs. Our process builds internal consensus among key client stakeholders and solidifies a higher level of compatibility through third party objectivity - maximizing the likelihood that your new agency relationship will thrive. . . and not just survive. PinSeeker manages a variety of agency searches including:


  • Full service agencies

  • Creative agencies

  • Digital agencies

  • Multicultural agencies

  • Direct response agencies

  • Media agencies

  • Public relations agencies

For more information on PinSeeker's agency search and selection process click here or call 617-285-1146.

Agency Performance Management Services


PinSeeker helps clients maximize their agency relationship and performance through a range of offerings including:

  • Agency RFP consulting/development

  • Agency contract review and assessment

  • Agency performance and relationship evaluation

  • Marketing ROI assessment

For more information on PinSeeker's agency performance management services click here or call 617-285-1146.