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At Pinseeker Consulting, we take pride in what our clients have to say about us and how often they are inspired to refer us to colleagues and business associates - we're proud and humbled at the same time. At a high level, making marketing efforts more productive and powerful is what we do, and what we love to do. Sure, we think we're pretty good at it, but why take our word for it when you can read the words of some of our biggest fans - representing a wide range of categories with varying needs.

Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent team support
Carol Eleazer
Former Vice President Marketing, Hannaford Supermarkets
Peter is an invaluable thinking partner in all matters of strategy.  He knows Retail broadly and deeply - and practically: the execution implications of strategic initiatives. Importantly, Peter can spot a distinctive opportunity at 500 yards. He is creative, reliable, and responsive. He knows the value of real partnership and the benefits of a true client-agency union against strategic objectives. I eagerly put Peter in front of all levels of management at our company, knowing he will present the right balance of confidence and humility when we engage high-level strategic discussions. People enjoy working with Peter and universally respect his experience, intellect, energy, insight, creativity, and personal and professional integrity.


Kristen Holgerson
Marketing/Promotions Director,
WBUR Radio

I can't imagine how WBUR would have pulled off such an ambitious and well-planned agency search without Pinseeker. As as consultant, facilitator and guide, Peter brought ad agency-insider insights combined with a deep understanding of client needs and objectives that were invaluable.


John Derderian 
Allegiance Retail Services/Foodtown Food Stores

Peter has the unique ability to understand the functional challenges facing today's companies, and applying creative solutions synthesizing insights, research, and competitive landscape ... all delivered with great client service.


Sarah Sykora
Vice President Marketing,
Hebrew SeniorLife

Having a partner who "just gets it" is invaluable. Peter brings a deep understanding of our business and competitive set to each assignment, delivers clear and actionable findings, and is respected at all levels of our organization. He's an absolute pro. 

Erin McDonough
Former Vice President Public Affairs, New England Baptist Hospital

Peter was an invaluable branding/marketing partner. He demonstrated the unique ability to see into the minds of the consumer (in our case, the patient) and understand what drives their decision-making process.  He truly understood the New England Baptist brand and worked tirelessly to ensure that others did too. He is incredibly energetic and committed. He was a true pleasure to work with.

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